The Town provides many roadway services to the residents and businesses in Blackfalds including: installing street signage; patching, crack filling, and line painting on roads; street sweeping; snow plowing, removal & sanding; and grading of back lanes.

The provincial highways that intersect and border the Town of Blackfalds: Highways 2, 2A, and 597 are maintained by Alberta Highway Services.

Snow Removal

Please refer to the Snow Removal & Ice Control Policy and the Snow Removal Route Map for full details on the policies and procedures for snow removal in the Town of Blackfalds

Tuesday January 22

  • Adina Cl.
  • Woodbine Cl.
  • Sparrow Cl.
  • Whiterock Cl.
  • Anna Cl.
  • Arlene Cl.

Wednesday January 23

  • Rolling Hills Ridge
  • Laurel Close
  • Spring Close
  • Aspen Cres.

Thursday January 24

  • Rolling Hills Bay
  • Westglen Cl.
  • Wellington Cl.
  • Sunrise Cres.
  • Sunrise Cl.

Friday January 25

  • Rolling Hills cl.
  • Wadey cl.
  • Vintage cl.
  • Vermont cl.
  • Vista cl.

With kids back to school, everyone is reminded that school and playground zones are in effect. Also please note that Womacks Rd is now one continuous 30 km/hr zone from Lansdowne Ave to Vista Trl.

Street Cleaning and Drainage

Road maintenance to keep storm drains open and to clean the streets of sand and debris that accumulates in the winter takes place each spring. The storm water drainage basins are often steamed repeatedly to minimize the formation of large puddles.

When the road surface is dry enough, the streets are swept to prevent the storm sewers from clogging and to maintain a safer, clean surface for driving and cycling. The surfaces done each spring include:

  • Town-owned roads that are finished with asphalt
  • hard-surfaced boulevards & medians
  • sidewalks & walkways that are plowed in the winter
  • public facility parking lots: Civic Centre, Multi-Plex, Abbey Centre, and Community Centre

Street cleaning adds to the beauty and safety of our community and minimizes our environmental footprint, but can produce noise and dust. Community members are thanked for their understanding while this work is done and are asked to limit their on street parking and be mindful when placing their waste & recycling carts at this time.

Periodic sweeping continues throughout the summer until the Thanksgiving weekend, as required.