Environmental Stewardship

During the development of the 2016 Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP), two actions to build environmental performance and awareness were identified; first, to develop and approve an Environmental Stewardship Strategy (ESS) with key focus areas on water, land, energy, buildings & infrastructure, waste, and air; the second action to develop an environmental  program with key elements being awareness through communications and signage for Town infrastructure.

As per the MSP, the ESS will highlight policy direction, standards improvement, community programs, and resource needs. This will allow the Town to identify the most important actions to reduce environmental impact and initiate community programs with the objective to advance the goal of a healthy environment regarding water, land, energy, buildings and infrastructure, waste and air.

We are looking for resident’s input to provide us with their views and opinions on what initiatives are a priority for them and their families and what key areas need to be focused on in order to effectively reach our environmental goals.

This survey will run from February 21 – April 9 and can be accessed here

Environment and Conservation

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Composters ($50) and Rain Barrels ($74) - may be purchased at Town Office

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