Development Permits

Please Note:  We have changed our Development Permit Forms.  Please see below for the available options. 

As per the Land Use Bylaw 1198/16, the definition of development includes:

  • an excavation or stockpile and the creation of either
  • building, addition to, or replacement/ repair of a building
  • change to use of land or building or modification of land or a building that results in likely change of use
  • difference in the intensity of use to land or building or modification to land or building that results in likely change in the intensity of use

A development permit is needed in the above circumstances as well as for new or moved-structures, accessory buildings that are larger than 108 square feet &/or taller than 8.2′, if the building use changes, & for decks higher than 2′ above grade.

Home businesses need a development permit as well as a Business License and Commercial, Institutional, and Multi-family developments must attain a development permit prior to being issued a building permit.

Section 2.2 of the Land Use Bylaw further outlines development that does or does not require permitting.

Commercial / Industrial / Institutional Development Permit Application

Development Security Deposit Refund Request Form

Grading Development Permit Application

Home Business Development Permit Application

Multi Residential Development Permit Application

Non-Residential Change in Use / Occupancy Permit Application

Residential Development Permit Application

Sign Development Permit Application

Building Permits

Please Note:  We have changed our Building Permit Forms.  Please see below for the available options. 

A building permit is needed for new and moved-in structures; for construction that changes the footprint of a building, such as the addition of walls or a deck; the addition of a permanent accessory building that exceeds 108 square feet &/or 8.2 feet in height; & the installation of a wood-stove, to ensure compliance with safety codes.

Alarm Permit Application

Building Permit Requirements

Commercial / Industrial / Institutional Building Permit Application

Deck or Accessory Building Permit Application

Detached Garage Details Sheet

Manufactured Homes Information Sheet

National Energy Code Information and Project Summary Sheet

Proof of Utility Disconnection (for Demolition Permits)

Residential Building Permit Application

Uncovered Deck Construction Details

Woodstove Information Sheet

Gas, Plumbing & Electrical Permits

The Town of Blackfalds works with IJD Inspection Services for these permits and inspections. Please visit the IJD website to download the required permit applications and to review the eligibility requirements and details on the inspection process.