Alberta Registry Office

The Town of Blackfalds has been lobbying the Province of Alberta for over 9 years to establish an Alberta Registries Office within Blackfalds. This is one of the many services that Town Council has advocated for to meet the needs of residents in our growing Community. In December of 2017, the Town of Blackfalds and Alberta Registries officials met and have been working together to establish an Alberta Registries Office in the Community. Through that discussion, it was determined that the most viable option was for the municipality to incubate an office over the course of 3 to 4 years, and locate it in the Town’s Civic Cultural Centre. After the incubation period, the Alberta Registry Office would then be put through a public procurement process to keep operating the established services in the private sector. This forward thinking model received the full support of the Government and allows the advancement of the opportunity for this essential service in the Community sooner than through the standard private sector procurement process.

A major achievement took place mid-year in 2018, when Ministerial approval was granted for the Town to operate an Alberta Registries Office. The process to advance this initiative require the Town to establish a ‘Municipally Controlled Corporation’ (MCC) with the endorsement of a formal agreement between the Town of Blackfalds and the Province. It remains that the preferred position of the Town of Blackfalds is for Alberta Registries to go out to a public procurement process to establish a Registries Office in Blackfalds.


Key timelines in this process:

November 27, 2018         

Council approved for Administration to initiate the application process with the Alberta Government, including the creation of a Business Plan.

January 8, 2019               

Administration presented Council with the Alberta Registry Office Business Plan with the required process to create the MCC.

February 12, 2019           

Council hosted a Public Hearing on the proposed MCC.

February 12, 2019           

Council deferred this back to Administration to bring back comparable data on the proposed Business Plan and answer some concerns raised through the Public Hearing.

February 26, 2019           

Administration presented findings from February 12th to Council. Council further deferred the creation of a MCC and directed Administration to pursue a new alternative, requesting that Service Alberta seek opportunities for an Alberta Registries Satellite Office, to operate within Blackfalds through an existing Alberta Registries Agency and ensure the services meet the needs of the Municipality.

April 1, 2019                    

The Town continues to work with Alberta Registries, as well as the Association of Alberta Registry Agents, to determine a suitable solution to bring this service to our Community. This process has been paused due to the election however, Council and Administration resolve in this matter remains strong and will continue until an accepted outcome is achieved.

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