Wadey Visitor Information Centre

Update March 23, 2020:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Town of Blackfalds facilities are closed until May 15, 2020.

The Wadey Centre provides visitor information services and is home to the Blackfalds & Area Historical Society.

The facility is wheelchair accessible and has public washrooms. It is bordered by the scenic Denise Nielsen Memorial Park, which offers picnic areas and spaces for photos and family friendly outdoor activities.

Visitors and residents are invited to stop in to get information on regional tourism attractions and events; view the displays on local history; enjoy a beverage or snack; sign out a game to play in the park, and buy a memento from a local businesses or artisan. 

Have a quick tour around this historic building HERE and pop in to visit with us soon!

Blackfalds Historical Trivia Challenge: Jan 9 - Apr 30

Learn about Blackfalds history & enter to win a "Blackfalds Package of $100 Value"
 To get help with the answers contact Linda at 403.304.7317 or Terry at 403.396.2824.

* Who was the first postmaster of Blackfalds?

* Who owned the last grain elevator in Blackfalds & what year was it demolished?

* Who was the first schoolteacher employed in Blackfalds?

* What denomination opened the first church in Blackfalds?  Where & when was it built?

* When was the most recent serious flood of the Blindman River?

* Blackfalds used to have a water tower to provide water for its citizens. 
When was the tower built & when was it taken down?

* When did Mrs. Mary Wadey get her first television & what brand was it?

* When did the RCMP station their first officer in Blackfalds?

The more you play the better chance you have of winning the prize,
as participants will receive one entry for each correctly answered question.

View poster here


The Blackfalds & Area Historical Society

The Blackfalds & Area Historical Society was incorporated in 2005 and is the curator of the Blackfalds Archives, which collects and preserves items representing the rich history of Blackfalds and area. The Society also hosts displays of local artifacts for the public to enjoy.

Stop by the Wadey Centre or visit the Blackfalds & Area Historical Society website.

Wadey Centre History

The Wadey Centre is a historic T. Eaton house built in 1916, by early settler George Wadey. George, wife Mary and their family lived in the home and were active, engaged Blackfalds residents for many years. In 2015, the Town received Canada 150 Community Infrastructure funds to help with the restoration of the house.

The home was moved from its original location south of Iron Ridge Elementary to the southwest corner of All Star Park. It  now provides the community with visitor information services and houses the Blackfalds & Area Historical Society.

See the dramatic move here. Courtesy of Scott Builders