Running Track

The Cottonwood Meadows Running Track is a 152m, 4-lane track that is located on the 3rd floor of the Abbey Centre overlooking the Field House below. Access to the running track is part of your membership or daily admission.

The track is a great retreat from the elements during the cold winter months as well as on wet summer days, and provides a rubber running surface that is easy on the joints.

There are mats and plenty of spaces surrounding the track for stretching including an abdominal work out area. The “Ab” area has decline benches, a flat bench, and an abdominal bench, as well as bosu, medicine and exercise balls, toners, TRX bands and battle ropes. There are spin cycles on the opposite corner of the track and provide a low-impact, high-intensity cardiovascular workout that builds both strength and endurance.

Track Etiquette & Rules