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Town unveils new Civic Facilities Development Strategy and Master Plan

posted on Oct 12 2018

The Town of Blackfalds residents and visitors are able to make use of civic facilities that are relatively new and that also meet the service expectations required to provide a high quality of life for a community with a very young demographic.

As the Town’s population grows, the community expectations for business, products, and services is also increasing. With such demographics and growth comes a need for updated municipal goals and strategies, as well as long-range capital and operation planning to address infrastructure planning and operating objectives.

After a concerted effort of establishing long-range plans for its services and operations, including capital infrastructure and equipment and fleet necessities, Council and Administration worked hard to identify and secure funding sources to meet current and future demands and needs. The Town is now at a point where it must also consider its future requirements for Civic Facilities.

The Civic Facilities study intends to provide a course of action for the Town to follow over the next ten years related to current and future civic facilities in Blackfalds. The study examines the current state of existing facilities, expected population growth, potential partnership opportunities, and other factors including forthcoming changes to the Municipal Government Act.

In order to plan for the future, Town decision makers must consider both the current state of existing civic facilities, what is required to sustain them, as well as what new facilities will be needed in the community as it evolves. It is important to note that the course of action outlined herein is dependent upon available resources (financial and other) as well as, in some cases, the actions of other partners.

The recommendations compiled in this comprehensive plan will assist Town decision makers in strategic and tactical planning and capital budgeting. It is important to note that many of the projects discussed herein will require further study (i.e. feasibility and business planning, site testing, etc.) prior to final approval.

View the Civic Facilities Development Strategy and Master Plan.

View display panels from the Oct. 11, 2018 Open House.

We value your opinion! Download the Civic Facilities Feedback Form, complete and drop off at 5018 Waghorn St. or scan/photograph and email with subject line: Civic Facilities Review Feedback.