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Town Takes a Proactive, Strategic Approach to Waste Management

posted on Jun 28 2019

Blackfalds, Alberta – The Town of Blackfalds has shown a renewed commitment to developing a comprehensive Environmental Stewardship Strategy (ESS) that will provide a strategic plan to managing the Town’s environmental approach to; Water, Land, Energy, Buildings, Infrastructure, Waste and Air into the future.

"We look forward to engaging the public through this approved strategic approach. This plan will better align our current and future policies with ever-growing environmental concerns relating to the changing needs of our community and Country,” stated Preston Weran, Director of Infrastructure and Property Services. He adds, “The purpose of our Environmental Stewardship Strategy is to outline a comprehensive approach to how the Town manages the full extent of the environmental impacts through local input from our residents and business owners.

The ESS will highlight policy direction, community programs, regulatory changes and resource needs. This plan will guide the Town towards identifying the most important actions needed to initiate more green-friendly internal and external programs, with the objective to advance the goal of a healthy environment in regards to water, land, energy, buildings and infrastructure, waste and air.

As part of the Municipal Sustainability Plan, which Council approved, the Town will focus on two keys areas in this strategy;   

  1. To develop and approve and ESS with key focus areas on water, land, energy, buildings and infrastructure, waste and air.
  2. To develop an environmental awareness program, with key elements being the regular environmental awareness communications, and to design environmental awareness campaigns for Town infrastructure and impacts.

To ensure the success and longevity of the ESS; updates to Council, internal partners and key stakeholders will be provided, at prescribed intervals, to share progress and receive input. Research and external input from other municipalities will also be considered as part of the ESS development, as outlined below:


Review phase – September 2019

Community Workshops and Engagement – Spring/Summer 2020

Action Planning – Summer/Fall 2020

Finalization and Implementation – Winter/Spring 2021


For further details visit the Town website at


For more information:

Preston Weran

Director of Infrastructure and Property Services

Town of Blackfalds


Dean Turnquist

Communications Officer

Town of Blackfalds