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Town of Blackfalds Marks a Major Milestone by Surpassing 10,000.

posted on Jul 25 2018

Blackfalds, Alberta (July 25, 2018) – The Town of Blackfalds has been growing at a record pace for the past 10 years and results from the 2018 census indicates that Blackfalds has exceeded the 10,000 residents milestone! The final numbers came in with a total of 10,125 residents that now call Blackfalds home.

“We are very excited to have reached this impressive milestone for our town,” noted Mayor Richard Poole, adding, “This will create new opportunities that come from this growth!”

The Town of Blackfalds conducted a Municipal Census between May 1 to June 30, 2018 utilizing a combination of online collection and door to door enumeration. The information collected from the municipal census is used throughout the organization to assist in programs and service delivery and development opportunities.

A total of 4,357 addresses were (99.77%) completed this year, with only 9 incomplete addresses.

A municipal census is consistent with the overall Municipal Sustainability Plan that supports a Sustainable Community by insuring current information for the implementation of new community-wide initiatives as well as promotion and lobbying to local and higher levels of Government. This is the eighth consecutive year that census data was collected by the Municipality.

“The municipal census has been instrumental in identifying the need for educational requirements within the community as well as increases in population-based grants,” concluded Mayor Poole.

The census for the Town of Blackfalds has identified the record growth the town has experienced and reflects on the hard work of the municipality to be able to provide high levels of service during such a significant growth period. In 2018, there was an increase in the population of 2.1% increase. The Alberta Provincial average for 2018 is estimated to be 0.9%.

This population threshold of 10,000 can be the distinction of moving from a Town and a City, however, it should be noted that a municipality can choose not to declare to become a city once the 10,000 threshold is reached.

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