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Town of Blackfalds Hits a New Population High with the Latest Census Results!

posted on May 26 2021

Blackfalds, Alberta (May 26, 2021) – The Town of Blackfalds continues to be a destination for young families and the young at heart as is demonstrated in the most recent Municipal Census conducted, resulting in an updated population of 11,015!

The 11,015 is an increase of 890 from the 10,125 count in 2018, which translates into an 8.8% increase over the last three years: an average of 2.93% annually.

“Council is very appreciative to our Town Staff for the hard work they put into gathering the numbers, and to our citizens whose participation was 99%,” shared Mayor Richard Poole. “It is exciting that our population continues to grow at a rate far above the Provincial average. This growth proves that Blackfalds is a community of choice, for those who work, play, and grow their lives here.”

Director of Corporate Services Justin de Bresser explained that this year’s census was under budget thanks to the modified short online question form and reduced software.

“The Town completed the Census for $10,405 which is well under the initial budget of $30,000. Administration is extremely thankful for the enumerators and staff effort in achieving this result,” he added. 

Town departments such as Economic Development, Planning & Development, and Corporate Services will use the information collected from the 2021 Census to create evaluations regarding Blackfalds' economic well-being. The data will also be used to plan for housing, business infrastructure, daycare centres, schools, and healthcare networks.

To find out details about the census, including our current demographic, please

For more information:

Myron Thompson

Chief Administrative Officer


Justin de Bresser

Corporate Services Director