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Town Begins Womacks Road and Gregg Street Realignment

posted on Jun 3 2021

Blackfalds, Alberta (June 4, 2021) – To improve east/west connectivity through Blackfalds, the Womacks Road / Gregg Street realignment project is gearing up to begin the week of June 14. 

The project will involve the realignment of a portion of Gregg Street connecting to Womacks Road and includes electrical and deep underground services around the Eagle Builders Centre’s parking lot, a major sanitary main upgrade, improvements to the Highway 2A and Gregg Street intersection connection, and pre-grading of the Centre Plaza feature. There will also be some necessary Gregg St/Hwy 2A intersection improvements as well as the elimination of the existing rail crossing and the skewed intersection at Broadway Avenue and Gregg Street, which will provide increased pedestrian safety and improved traffic movements.

Construction will start the second week of June and continue until the end of fall.

Director of Infrastructure and Property Services Preston Weran explained that the $6M project will help with traffic congestion and provide more opportunities for community events.

“This core road work and the new crossing was planned over 15 years ago under the Transportation Master Plan, which identified the real need for this proper east-west connector through Town,” he said. “With the construction of facilities and development on both sides of the tracks over the last number of years, these traffic and pedestrian volumes along this roadway need to be managed. This project will improve this conveyance while having better, safer, protected pedestrian movements across town.”

The associated parking lot and future plaza will not only support the Eagle Builders Centre but will also support the downtown revitalization plan, and be a gathering place for events and activities of all kinds.

Mayor Poole recalls when the project first came to Council and is just as thrilled about the development as he was back in 2006. “Having been on council when the original plan came forward, I am very excited to see the actual alignment taking place,” he added. “Our citizens will benefit from a more efficient east-west connection and a significantly safer rail crossing.  

To see the drawings for this project, please click here.

For more information:

Myron Thompson

Chief Administrative Officer


Preston Weran

Director of Infrastructure and Property Services