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Town Approves Land Use Bylaw Amendments for Cannabis

posted on Dec 12 2018

Blackfalds, Alberta (December 12, 2018) – The Town of Blackfalds is now able to accept cannabis development applications after Council voted to remove the moratorium on applications that was established in June. With the recent legalization of cannabis, the Town had placed the moratorium until a plan could be developed, reviewed and vetted through the public.

Following the moratorium in June, the Town established a Community Cannabis Advisory Committee (CCAC) to review and provide direction on how to move forward following legalization in October. The CCAC developed terms of reference, reviewed use, consulted with the public and presented recommendations to Council throughout the process.

Once the policy and guidelines were established, and the framework to reference for potential retail cannabis applications was developed, the Town was able to remove the moratorium on applications and can now accept cannabis and cannabis related development applications with this change.

Some key changes to the Land Use Bylaw include:

  1. The commercial production, processing and retail sales of Cannabis to be prohibited from all residential zones.
  2. Retail Cannabis stores will be required to maintain a 100m setback from another Cannabis Retail stores and only allowed in the Commercial Highway and Commercial Downtown Districts only as a discretionary use approved by MPC,
  3. Reaffirm the Provincial legislated recommended 100m setbacks from Health Care and Public and Private School building or lands for Retail Stores, excluding home school locations and Daycare Uses.
  4. Retail Cannabis Stores will only be allowed to locate outside of a 100m setback from another Retail Cannabis Store and their hours of operation will be 10:00 am to 2:00 am (provincially regulated).
  5. That all cannabis related advertising and lighting be compatible with adjacent properties
    Cannabis retail will be only allowed in the Central and Highway Commercial Districts as a discretionary use with approval by MPC.
  6. That Cannabis production and distribution will be allowed in the Industrial Districts as a discretionary use with approval by MPC.

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For more information:

Preston Weran

Director of Infrastructure & Property Services


Dean Turnquist

Communications Officer