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Relocation of Skate Park Equipment

posted on Jan 10 2018
Used skateboard equipment to be moved to Pine Crescent location

Used skateboard equipment to be moved to Pine Crescent location

Following the Jan. 9, 2018 Regular Council Committee meeting, the Town of Blackfalds decided to move forward with the relocation of the used skateboard equipment.

Originally on the west side, the skateboard equipment was taken down due to the construction of the new Optimist All Wheels Park. Since its opening on June 2, 2017, the Park has been a popular commodity with the residents of Blackfalds.

However, when the question of what to do with the used equipment was asked, social media lit up with suggestions from the community, asking the Town to relocate the old skateboard equipment from the Multi-Plex Arena to the east side of Town with its own cement pad. This was brought up to the Recreation, Culture, and Parks board where it was then added to 2018 Capital Budget and later approved by Council.

During the Recreation, Culture and Parks board meeting on Jan. 3, 2018, four location options were presented the board: Pine Crescent, Centennial Park, East School Site and McKay Ranch. Through discussions, members of the board weighed both pros and cons of each location and it was ultimately decided that Pine Crescent was the best option.

Pine Crescent was chosen because of its pre-existing parking lot which would cut costs, and with its east side location and being in close proximity to Pioneer Way Road, the new site would allow more visibility. Pre-existing street lights were also a deciding factor in regards to safety.

As per the 2018 Capital Budget, the board allocated $40,000 to relocate the skateboard park.

According to Community Services Director Sean Barnes, the project is scheduled to be completed in late spring or early summer of 2018.