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Public Notice | Development Approvals

posted on Oct 20 2020

TAKE NOTICE THAT the following discretionary use development permit has been APPROVED by the
Development Authority under the provisions of Land Use Bylaw No. 1198/16 and amendments thereto:

Permit No. D 186-20
Civic Address: 5014 South Street
Legal Description: Lot 10, Block 2, Plan 6104 KS)
Proposed Use: Relaxation to Part 3.2 (5) of Land Use Bylaw 1998/16 – Fence Height
Date of Decision: October 19, 2020


Permit No. D 199-20
Civic Address: 4573 Westbrook Road
Legal Description: Lot 136, Block 1, Plan 072 4499
Proposed Use: Home Based Business, Major – Personal Service (Aesthetics Operation)
being a Discretionary Use within the Residential Single Dwelling Medium Lot
District (R-1m)
Date of Decision: October 19, 2020

Anyone adversely affected by the decision of the Development Authority may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, upon paying the appropriate fee and submitting in writing to:

The Secretary of the Subdivision and Appeal Board
Town of Blackfalds
Box 220, 5018 Waghorn Street
Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0

WITHIN TWENTY-ONE (21) DAYS after the Date of Decision.

This is not a valid Development Permit or Business License. Issuance of the conditional Development
Permit, where no appeal is filed to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, is valid following the completion of the twenty-one (21) day appeal period, being: November 9, 2020.