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Featured artists playing at Blackfalds Days annual Family Dance

posted on Jun 4 2018

Dave Grobe and Kaylee Stewart will be playing during the Blackfalds Days Family Dance on June 16.

June is a very busy time for the Town of Blackfalds as Blackfalds Days becomes a reality. After months of planning and organizing, Town staff have now released the annual brochure of events and activities that surrounding families can participate in to celebrate the town.

On Saturday evening, we will be hosting the Blackfalds Family Dance which invites families younger, older, small and large to dance, laugh and have fun together. It allows families the ability to meet others in the area as well as come together for a fun night of music and dance.

This year we showcase a local talent Kaylee Rose and Band.

Kaylee Rose and Band consists of four members: Dave Grobe, Kaylee Stewart, Greg Boulay and Jaydin Vankeman.

Dave is an experienced drummer, Kaylee is lead vocalist, Greg plays guitar and Jaydin plays bass.

“The main thing is that we are people who have been in the music business in and around Central Alberta for 20 plus years. This is just one of the many groups that we’ve hung out with. All of us our very involved with the churches we attend and the music there,” explained Grobe.

Kaylee and Dave have been a father/daughter duo for several years and although Kaylee recently married and currently resides in Drayton Valley with her husband, the two still find time to play together.

Since the dance will be family based, the band has a few ideas on how to keep the crowd entertained – with help from Dave’s wife.

“Kaylee might get off the stage and dance with some kids,” he said. “My wife works with kids all the time so we’re going to get her out on the dance floor to do the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance; things like that. With it being a family dance, we want it to be fun.”

Each of the band members have extensive experience in the music scene whether it be in their respective churches or even out in the world performing with some locally famous names, explained Dave.

“I played with the Boys of St. James Gate for five years and I also played with The Boom Chucka Boys for a few years - I was their drummer. I got off the bus before they took off, but it was purposeful because I’m twenty years older than everybody else in the band. So, when they got a guy Ben from Edmonton to jump in with them, they were a real rock – and - roll band and not ‘three guys and a grandpa,’” Dave said, laughing. “Greg also plays with Randi Boulton a lot, so he has lots of experience.”

The band’s genre varies depending on the venue and the type of event, but they usually stick to Elvis, Serena Ryder and Country.

“As far as musical styles, we are all over the map… the main thing will be the variety of music we play that will catch everybody at some point throughout the night. We like to have fun, we’re not afraid to mix it up a little bit and really get involved. We choose songs that we like and that are fun to dance to.”

Although Kaylee Rose and Band are not a large, famous group – Dave believes that their band will be the best to deliver music Saturday night.

“I think we’re pretty great. Kaylee has an amazing voice and she’s involved in the music community, so just the quality musicianship will draw people in. We love to have a good time and especially in that family context. We’re not a big name but if people want to have fun and dance as a family, we’re the right band for the job.”

You can catch Kaylee Rose and Band on Saturday at the Blackfalds Days Family Dance, June 16 starting at 7 PM until 9:30 PM at the Blackfalds Multi-Plex Arena.

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