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Celebrating Public Works Week - Mark Hunt

posted on May 22 2019

Mark Hunt started working with the Town of Blackfalds in August of 2012. He is the Equipment Operator II which entails servicing and repairing equipment and some fabrications work.

Mark lives in Bentley with his wife and two sons, although he originally comes from London, England. He says love brought him to Canada and the small-town life suits him just fine.

After working for another municipality for several years just north of Edmonton, Mark said that the town was going to be turned into a hamlet, for which his position was no longer required. However, his wife was working in Red Deer, so it was the perfect opportunity to move his family further south. After realizing that Red Deer wasn’t for them, they moved until they found their dream home and Mark found his job with the Town of Blackfalds.

When asked what he likes the most about Blackfalds, Mark said that the focus on recreational activities for local youth is important. “I really like the fact that it’s got a lot of activities, not necessarily just the Abbey but you have the splash park and all the playgrounds – there’s a lot of things to do for the kids.” With two sons himself, he always makes sure when he does have free time, he spends it with his children.

“I take my sons shooting – I love shooting. Just got them into the Forest Warden [program] so we do quite a bit of camping. We ride horses. I enjoy riding my motorcycle and quading when I get the chance,” he continued. “I don’t really get a lot of time, as much time as I’d like, but when I do I try my best to do something with my kids.”

Since working for Public Works, Mark explained that his favourite part of the job is the uncertainty of it all and not knowing how the day is going to end up.

“To be honest, I love the fact that I come to work every morning and not necessarily knowing what I’m doing. The days are different and can be different. There is your normal routine maintenance, but you don’t know if there’s going to be a sewer problem or an emergency.”

Mark adds that working outside is a very big advantage to a job for him, he said he needs to be able to look around his environment and have the space to do the work that needs to be done.

The main point of pride for Mark in his position is his ability to bring new techniques in order to solve problems due to his many years of experience and unique skills.

Marks continues to be a very important part of the Public Works team and we appreciate his dedication and positive attitude.