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Celebrating Development Officer Week - Candice Hilgersom

posted on Sep 24 2019

As we celebrate Development Officer’s Week, we turn our focus to those on our team who are often behind the scenes. We would like to acknowledge the energy, resources and skills that it takes to keep our residents and businesses that live and work in Blackfalds apprised of our Bylaws and Development requirements.

Starting off our week, we would like to introduce Candice Hilgersom, one of our Planning and Development Clerks.

Candice has been working with the Town of Blackfalds for almost seven years now. She came from Nanaimo, British Columbia 13 years ago when her husband received a job offer.

“My husband got a job in Alberta so I could stay at home with my babies at the time,” she explained. “We chose Blackfalds for the smaller town feel.”

Candice brings years of experience in Planning Development as she worked for the City of Nanaimo until the birth of her second son. The Hilgersom family moved to Blackfalds when he was eight weeks old, and Candice stayed home for the next six years until she found a permanent position with the Town of Blackfalds.

When Candice moved to Blackfalds in 2007, the population was about 4,400. She said that her favourite memory from working with the Town was seeing that population change.

After work is done, Candice enjoys travelling with her family and watching her boys play sports.

The most difficult part of the job, Candice said, is “dealing with difficult or unhappy people.”

Thank you Candice for your dedication to the Town of Blackfalds!