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Blackfalds is Alberta’s Fastest Growing Municipality

posted on Feb 10 2017

With a staggering growth rate of 48.1% between 2011 and 2016, Statistics Canada’s 2016 census count has confirmed that Blackfalds is Canada’s fastest growing Municipality outside of a census metropolitan area, as well as Alberta’s fastest growing Municipality overall, representing 9,328 individuals now calling Blackfalds home.

This census and the past federal census count of the Municipality show a pattern of sustained growth, with a population of 6,300 reported in 2011 and 4,571 in 2006.

Mayor Melodie Stol says the growth speaks to how much has been invested into community development. "It's paying off because people are choosing to live here. We hope from that, businesses and industry will also come in and invest in Blackfalds and make us a really well-balanced community," she says.

"Growth is a good problem to have," she notes. "The decisions you're making or the challenges you have are coming from a positive place. You're trying to meet needs, trying to invest and grow a community. We're not just trying to grow the number of residents, we're trying to grow a whole robust community."

The Municipality’s population growth well surpasses the provincial average of 11.6 percent and national average of 5 percent.