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Blackfalds Councillor Story - Lisa Wyndham

posted on Oct 11 2017

As we approach Election 2017 in October, we are saying goodbye to two dedicated and committed people who served on the Town of Blackfalds Council with enthusiasm and fervor. Their stories give us an insight into how they came to govern in Blackfalds and the advice they would like to pass on to future councillors. 


A 17 year resident of Blackfalds, Lisa Wyndham initially became interested in running for council when a neighbor told her that there were not a lot of community members interested in running for Town Council. It was at that moment that Lisa decided she would run.

As a full time high school teacher and a mom of three active teenagers, she understands the challenges of balancing life while making important decisions that directly affect residents and the future of the town. One of her favourite projects was the Community Place-making Initiative, which, as business, recreation and tourism grows, allows for easier navigation of trails and roadways for residents and visitors alike. Another proud accomplishment during her term was the Municipal Sustainability Plan, a strategy that outlines the critical steps and indicators of future development while sustaining a growing community.

Although finishing up her term as councillor is bittersweet, she is excited to continue teaching at Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School and raising her kids in Blackfalds. Her parting advice to anyone considering running for council is that while it can be challenging at times, it is a great experience to work with a team of veteran councillors and Town administrators who will support you as you learn the intricacies of municipal governance.

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