Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Regular Council Meeting
Via a Remote Virtual Platform
April 13, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.



1. Call to Order

2. Adoption of Agenda

   2.1 Agenda for April 13, 2021

3. Delegation


4. Public Hearing


5. Business Arising from Minutes

   5.1 Request for Decision, Council Code of Conduct Bylaw 1226.18

6. Business

   6.1 Director's Quarterly Report - First Quarter 2021

   6.2 Request for Decision, Property Tax Rate Bylaw

   6.3 Request for Decision, Gregg and Womacks Extension Tender Award

   6.4 Request for Decision, Engineering Services Proposal Acceptance

   6.5 Request for Decision, Safety Code Services Proposal Acceptance

   6.6 Request for Decision, Community School's Special Nomination

7. Action Correspondence

   7.1 FCM Conference Attendance

   7.2 National Police Federation Meeting Request

8. Information

   8.1 Report to Council, Building and Development Permit Report - March 2021

   8.2 Report to Council, Enforcement Services Monthly Report - March 2021

   8.3 Letter from Premier Kenney on Alberta Registry Services

   8.4 Municipal Planning Commission Meeting Minutes for March 9, 2021

   8.5 Municipal Planning Commission Meeting Minutes for March 23, 2021

   8.6 Recreation, Culture and Parks Board Meeting Minutes for March 3, 2021

9. Round Table Discussion


10. Adoption of Minutes

   10.1 Minutes from the Regular Council Meeting on March 23, 2021

   10.2 Minutes from the Special Council Meeting on March 30, 2021

11. Notices of Motion


12. Business for the Good of Council


13. Confidential

   13.1 FOIP Section 17

14. Adjournment


Future Meetings/Events:

Standing Council Meeting - April 19, 2021

Regular Council Meeting - April 27, 2021

Council Meetings Schedule

Please note that commencing on January 18, 2021, that all meetings of Council are taking place through a virtual software platform. If you would like to participate in these meetings, please check out our Youtube channel or Facebook page at Town of Blackfalds.  

We welcome all public input! 

Please note that an "In Camera" portion of a Council meeting is closed to the public in order for Council and Administration to discuss matters protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Wish to make a presentation to Council?

Please refer to the Delegation Information Sheet.

View the 2020-2021 Regular Council and Standing Committee Meeting Schedule.

Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Public notification of any variance to the approved schedule will be conducted in accordance with the Municipal Government Act and Town of Blackfalds Bylaws and Policies.

Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Highlights

2021 Regular Council and Standing Committee Meetings

Meeting Date Meeting Type Agendas Minutes Highlights
March 30 Special Council  Agenda  Minutes  N/A
March 23 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
March 15 Standing Committee  Agenda  Minutes  N/A
March 9 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
February 23 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes
February 9 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
January 26 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
January 18 Standing Committee  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
January 12 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights


Council Meetings Live-Stream

Watch Council meetings LIVE on our YouTube channel!

Live Streams are available during council meetings and are posted the following day.

Video, images and audio contained in a live stream or recording must not be altered, re-purposed or republished without Council permission.


2020 Regular Council and Standing Committee Meetings

Meeting Date Meeting Type Agendas Minutes Highlights
January 14 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes   Highlights
January 20 Standing Committee  Agenda  Minutes   n/a
January 28 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes   Highlights
February 11 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
February 25 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
March 10 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
March 16 Standing Committee  Agenda  Minutes  n/a
March 24 Regular Council Livestream  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
April 14 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
April 20 Standing Committee  Agenda  Minutes  n/a
April 28 Regular Council   Agenda  Minutes  Highlights
May 12 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  
May 26 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  
June 9 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  
June 15 Standing Committee  Agenda   Minutes  n/a
June 23 Regular Council  Agenda   Minutes  
July 14 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  
July 28 Regular Council  Agenda   Minutes  Highlights
August 11 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes    Highlights
August 17 Standing Committee  Agenda  Minutes         ---
August 25 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes  
September 8 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes    Highlights
September 14 Standing Committee  Agenda  Minutes  
September 21 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes    Highlights
October 13 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes    Highlights
October 19 Standing Committee  Agenda  Minutes  
October 27 Organizational Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
October 27 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes     Highlights
November 10 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes     Highlights
November 16 Standing Committee  Agenda  Minutes  
November 24 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes     Highlights
December 8 Regular Council  Agenda  Minutes     Highlights

Please contact the Office of the CAO at 403.885.4677 for archived Council agendas and minutes.

Posting of Agendas

Agendas for Council meetings are posted on the Town website on the Friday before Regular Council and Thursday before Standing Committee meetings. Special meeting agendas are posted at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting.

Posting of Minutes

Draft Minutes will be posted within a week after the meeting and the final signed minutes are posted upon Council approval.

The Town of Blackfalds publishes all Council Agendas and Minutes for the current year and previous year.

Anyone who has questions regarding Council agendas or requests for archived Council minutes or agendas may contact the Office of the CAO by calling 403.885.6248, email, or  visit the Town Office during regular business hours.

Please note that the Cultural Civic Centre and all other Town facilities are closed to the public during the latest provincial COVID-19 health measures.


Office of the CAO

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Civic Centre
Box 220, 5018 Waghorn Street
Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0