Reports & Publications

Civic Facilities Development Strategy and Master Plan

The Civic Facilities Development Strategy and Master Plan provides a course of action for the Town to follow over the next ten years related to current and future civic facilities in Blackfalds. The study examines the current state of existing facilities, expected population growth, potential partnership opportunities, and other factors including forthcoming changes to the Municipal Government Act.

2018 Census Report

The census provides valuable information about the Town of Blackfalds as a whole. This information is used to assist the community with:

  • economic development initiatives
  • educational requirements
  • planning and development for immediate and long term trends
  • municipal infrastructure requirements
  • government grants and other initiatives that are based on population

2017 Census Report

2016 Census Report

2015 Census Report

2016 Social Needs Assessment & Master Plan

The Town of Blackfalds initiated the development of a Social Needs Assessment Master Plan in order to provide a point of reference upon which decisions and priorities related to preventative social services can be made by the municipality over the next five years. The Plan is intended to serve as a guiding document for Council, the FCSS Board, and Administration and will provide direction on initiatives and strategies to address social needs in Blackfalds.

2018 Report to the Community

The Report to the Community strives to raise community awareness of the actions and activities taken in the preceding year to advance strategic priorities and to also provide relevant and helpful information pertaining to the costs of service delivery, municipal finances, infrastructure programs, and both the achievements of and challenges in the community.

2018 Report to the Community web (PDF) | mobile (PDF)

2016 Report to the Community

2015 Report to the Community

2014 Report to the Community

Recreation, Culture and Parks Needs Assessment & Master Plan

This long term planning document was created with extensive community input and guides future development and decision making.