Budget & Financial Statements

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Citizen Budget provides an engaging, transparent budgeting experience that fosters community learning and buy-in, and generates a financial plan with the most public support.

The Citizen Budget Survey Tool

Thank you to the 284 participants of the Citizen Budget Survey Tool!
The results of the survey are available here.

Follow the Budget Week Facebook event or Youtube channel to learn more about the work that each department does to maintain the high level of service to the community.

The approved operating and capital budgets along with corresponding financial statements for the past few years are available here. Please contact us if you are looking for information from prior years.

Budget Documents

2021 Approved Operating Budget & 2021 Approved Capital Budget

2020 Approved Budget

2019 Approved Budget
2018 Approved Budget2018 Budget Poster Boards & 2018 Budget Highlights
2017 Approved Budget
2017 Budget Poster Boards & 2017 Budget Highlights
2016 Approved Budget
 & 2016 Budget Highlights
2015 Approved Budget
2014 Approved Budget
2013 Operating Budget
2012 Approved Budget

Financial Statements

2019 Financial Statements
2018 Financial Statements & 2018 Financial Information Return
2017 Financial Statements & 2017 Financial Information Return
2016 Financial Statements & 2016 Financial Information Return
2015 Financial Statements & 2015 Financial Information Return
2014 Financial Statements & 2014 Financial Information Return
2013 Financial Statements & 2013 Financial Information Return
2012 Financial Statements & 2012 Financial Information Return