Election 2017 Candidates

Important Notice for Candidates

All candidates must register with the Municipal Election Office. If you intend to run as a candidate for municipal office or school board trustee, prior to accepting campaign contributions, or using funds or donations for the purpose of campaigning, the respective form is required at registration:

Candidate Information packages are available at the Town office.

Information for Potential Candidates

The current Council have approved a new Council Remuneration Policy, which will take effect on October 17, 2017 (in conjunction with the newly elected Council swearing in ceremony). Please ensure you review this policy as it plays a major role in the relation between a daily schedule and a Councillors schedule.

Please note: To help ensure a fair election, if the Town of Blackfalds provides written information to any candidate, that same information will be shared with all candidates. Where it might be of Town-wide interest, we will also post that information on our website.

Candidates are not permitted to use any Town branding. Use of the Town logo and branding is exclusive to the Town.

Additional Election Information

The Local Authorities Election Act and the Municipal Government Act are the primary sources of legislation affecting the election of Municipal Councils and the governance of Alberta municipalities in general.

If you have thought about community leadership and are not sure where to start, the Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP) may be of interest to you. For more information, see the attached document below, or visit the Municipal Affairs website at www.eoep.ca.

Additional Links/Resources:

Contact the Elections Office

The local Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officers are appointed by Town Council. These roles are responsible for all matters pertaining to the local organization and operation of the 2017 Local Authorities Election, and for enforcement of provisions of the Local Authorities Election Act.

Candidate packages are available at the Town Office, 5018 Waghorn Street during regular business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm). Candidate Information and nomination forms are available online 24/7 for reference only.

Questions about the Town of Blackfalds Municipal Election may be directed to:

Returning Officer / Deputy Returning Officers
Town of Blackfalds - Election Office
Box 220, 5018 Waghorn Street
Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0

Phone: 403.885.6248
email: elections@blackfalds.com

Please Note: Information on this site provides an overview and is not a substitute for the detailed information contained in legislation. All candidates are responsible for ensuring they are aware of and understand the legislation and bylaws concerning elections, and the requirements for nomination.