Municipal Bylaws are rules adopted by Town Council that serve to protect the community and its members. They are enforced on a complaint and observance basis by Community Peace Officers. In Alberta, the Municipal Government Act oversees the creation of Bylaws and requires that Council give several readings to a Bylaw before it is passed. The public is encouraged to provide input into this process.

All Town of Blackfalds Bylaws are enacted by Town Council and the Town of Blackfalds Council, Staff and Administration have responsibilities to uphold and enforce these Bylaws. Town Administration take the management of our resources, facilities and infrastructure seriously. Staff members have a broad base of knowledge covering a wide range of civic programs and services and our goal is to be dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful to our residents, business community and to our visitors and partners.

Residents of Blackfalds have certain rights and responsibilities, such as the right to promote and expect good government, the right to clean water, good schools and a supportive infrastructure. Residents are also responsible to be good citizens. Being a good citizen means accepting responsibility for your actions and being sensitive to the needs of the community as a whole. As a member of our community, it is your responsibility to become informed and acquaint yourself with applicable Municipal and Provincial Bylaws. Ignorance of the law is rarely accepted as an excuse for breaking it.

The Town of Blackfalds has over 100 existing Bylaws, and not all are shown here. Below are many of the most frequently referenced and most current Bylaws. Additional Bylaws not listed here may be found on the Documents page or copies of all Town of Blackfalds Bylaws are also available at the Town Office.

Please contact us for a Bylaw not listed here, to request an official copy, or if you have questions or concerns about Town of Blackfalds Bylaws.

Bylaw Name Description
2018 Property Tax Bylaw - 1222/18 Authorizes the property tax rates within the Town of Blackfalds for the 2018 year. This includes authorization to assess additional tax on properties that have had improvements made to them within the 2018 year.
Animal Control Bylaw - 1181/14 Outlines requirements for licensing, control and related fees for animals within the Town of Blackfalds.
Aspen Lakes Area Structure Plan Bylaw - 1185/15                              Outlines the plans for subdivision and development of the Aspen Lakes area in the Town of Blackfalds.
Aurora Heights Area Structure Plan Bylaw - 1165/13 Outlines the plans for subdivision and development of the Aurora Heights area in the Town of Blackfalds.

Business License Bylaw 1209/17

Outlines the regulations for business licensing within the Town of Blackfalds, including business types and related fees.
Cemetery Bylaw - 1180/14 Outlines the terms for regulation and control of the cemetery in the Town of Blackfalds.
Community Standards Bylaw - 1220/18 Outlines the regulations relating to many civic issues including, noise issues, unsightly premises, public disturbances, and the curfew for youth. 
Council Code of Conduct Bylaw - 1226/18 Pursuant to the Alberta Municipal Government Act, this Bylaw is to govern the conduct of Council members to be consistent within the principles of transparent and accountable government.
Council Procedural Bylaw - 1183/14 To regulate the proceedings and conduct of Council and Council Committee meetings.
Dangerous Goods Transportation Bylaw - 1141/12 Regulates the transportation and handling of dangerous goods within the Town of Blackfalds.
Direct Control District 3 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - 1177/14 Outlines the permitted uses and development standards for commercial building at Lot 2 Block 1 Plan 122-4194 on Womacks Rd.
EDTAC Terms of Reference Economic Development & Tourism Advisory Committee - effective January 1 2017
Electric Distribution System Franchise Agreement Bylaw - 1156/13 Outlines the agreement between Fortis Alberta and the Town of Blackfalds for the provision of electrical distribution access services within the municipality.
Fire Protection Bylaw - 1187/15 Outlines the establishment and operation of fire protection services within the Town of Blackfalds.
Lakeside Area Structure Plan Bylaw - 1174/14 Outlines the plans for subdivision and development of the Lakeside area in the Town of Blackfalds.
Land Use Bylaw - 1198/16 Outlines how districts in the municipality are divided, regulates the land use of each district, and guides decisions on development permits.
Municipal Election Bylaw - 1160/13 Under the Local Authorities Elections Act, this Bylaw outlines the process and procedures and provides the authority to hold municipal and school trustee elections within the Town of Blackfalds.
Municipal Emergency Bylaw - 1117/11 Outlines the processes and procedures of the Municipal Emergency Management Agency to prepare for and respond to regional and municipal emergencies.
Naming and Addressing Bylaw - 1182/14 Regulates the naming of roadways and development areas within the Town of Blackfalds. 
Offsite Levies Bylaw - 1190/15 Authorizes the collection of Offsite Levies for the Town of Blackfalds.
Rate Bylaw Amendment-1172/14 Contains updates to the rates for facility rentals previously outlined in the the Rates Bylaw - 1053/07
Rate Bylaw - 1113/10 Outlines the fees charged by the Town of Blackfalds for the provision of a variety of goods and services.

Security Alarm System Bylaw - 1219/17

Regulates security alarm systems within the Town of Blackfalds in order to reduce false alarms that require RCMP or Fire Dept. response.               
Smoking and Vaping Bylaw 1228.18 To regulate smoking and vaping of cannabis and tobacco products in public places
Solid Waste Management Bylaw - 1167/13 Outlines the regulations for the handling, collection and disposal of solid waste in the Town of Blackfalds.
Taxi Business Bylaw - 1158/13 Outlines the regulations for the licensing and control of taxis within the Town of Blackfalds
Traffic Bylaw Amendment - 1163/13 Contains additions pertaining to the Part 4 of the Traffic Bylaw: Parking, as well as a Penalties Schedule.
Traffic Bylaw - 1147/12 Regulates all traffic, including that of vehicles,bicycles, and pedestrians on roadways and side walks within the Town of Blackfalds.
Water and Sewer Bylaw - 1150/13 Outlines the regulations for the supply and distribution of water, the collection of sanitary sewage, and related fees within the Town of Blackfalds.